Module params :: Class ParamUnit
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Class ParamUnit

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wx.Panel --+        
      PPanel --+    
        ParamInt --+

Similar to ParamInt, 'd' can be appended to the value to specify dialog units mode.

Instance Methods [hide private]
_splitValue(self, value) source code
SyncSpin(self, value) source code
SyncText(self, spinValue) source code

Inherited from ParamInt: GetValue, OnChange, OnSpinDown, OnSpinUp, SetValue, __init__

Inherited from PPanel: Enable

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from ParamInt: default, range

Inherited from PPanel: isCheck

Method Details [hide private]

SyncSpin(self, value)

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Overrides: ParamInt.SyncSpin

SyncText(self, spinValue)

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Overrides: ParamInt.SyncText