Module component :: Class _ComponentManager
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Class _ComponentManager

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Component manager used to register component plugins.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self) source code
init(self) source code
register(self, component)
Register component object.
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forget(self, klass)
Remove registered component.
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getNodeComp(self, node) source code
getMenuData(self, menu) source code
setMenu(self, component, menu, label, help, index=1000)
Set pulldown menu data.
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getPanelData(self, panel) source code
setTool(self, component, panel, bitmap=None, pos=DEFAULT_POS, span=(1,1))
Set toolpanel data.
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addXmlHandler(self, h)
Add an XML resource handler.
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findById(self, id) source code
addXmlHandlers(self, res)
Register XML handlers before creating a test window.
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Method Details [hide private]

addXmlHandler(self, h)

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Add an XML resource handler. h must be a class derived from XmlResourceHandler or a function loaded from a dynamic library using ctypes.